Wall-mounted greenhouse

price without VAT: 4480 euro
with VAT included: 5331 euro

*starting from 16 euro/sm


Structure width: 10 m
Length: 30 m
Height at the ridge: 5.30 m
Hanging height: 2.35 m
Distance between springs: 2.5 m


The structure is made in accordance with European Standard EN13305-3. The structural elements are made of a round steel pipe made of galvanized steel quality I by immersion in a Z275g / m2 zinc bath.

Lateral poles: 60 mm / 2.0 mm diameter
Cutting diameter: 32 mm / 2.0 mm diameter

Between springs:

  • 1 sheet diameter 32 x 2 mm (peak)
  • 2 sheets diameter 32 x 1.5 mm

They are designed to prevent the springs from moving to the left or right when the wind exerts large forces and mounts exactly halfway through the arch.
The joining / clamping elements are made of high strength materials, class 8.8


Rectangular 80 x 80 x 2 mm rectangular poles DK51D + Z275


Coverage can be simple (with one foil) or double (with air cushion). We use three-ply professional film with a thickness of 200 microns.
-anti condensation
-transparency 80%
-light transmission 89%
-light diffusion 25%
-long life use for 6-7 years
-warranty 45 months
The foil fastening system is made of special PVC profiles.


The access to the greenhouse is through a sliding door of 2.0 x 2.5 m located on the front.
Optionally, it is possible to design and make doors according to customer specifications.

The anchoring / clamping of the structure is made by cementing (concrete blocks).