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Tunnel greenhouses


We produce modular greenhouses of 10m, 12m and 12.8m. On request, we can produce other sizes.


The structure is made in accordance with European Standard EN13305-3. The structural elements are made of galvanized steel DX51D + Z275.
Pipe arches
diameter 80/2 mm
diameter 60/1,5 mm
diameter 60/2,0 mm
Tightenings and bumps in the pipe
diameter 28/1,5 mm
diameter 32/1,5 mm
diameter 32/2,0 mm
diameter 42/2,0 mm
Internal and external poles in the pipe
diameter 60 x 1,5 mm
diameter 60 x 2,0 mm
diameter 80 x 50 x 2 mm
diameter 80 x 80 x 2 mm
The fasteners /joints elements are made of high strength materials, class 8.8


Coverage can be simple (with a single foil) or with double foil (with air cushion). We use triple-layered professional film with a thickness of 200 microns.
-no condensation
-transparent 80%
-light transmission 89%
-light diffusion 25%
-long life use for 6-7 years
-warranty 45 months
The foil fastening system is made of special PVC profiles.


Closure with foil, polycarbonate (corrugated / alveolar), sandwich panels or glass pane.


Single windows and double vertices.
Side / front opening by electric drive or manual.

The lateral opening can be simple or double depending on the height at which it is desired and can be adjusted according to the customer preferences.


Solar access doors can be simple (widths between 1-5m), double and sliding (width between 2-6m). Materials adjacent to door making are galvanized steel and aluminum.

The side and center gutters are made of galvanized steel DX51D + Z275.

The anchoring / clamping of the structure is made by cementing (concrete blocks).