Our Advantages:

  • you invest in quality;
  • our technical competence;
  • innovative design;
  • fast service due to our logistic support;
  • the technical knowledge of our staff;
  • our practical experience gained over time;
  • the reputation that we have;
Passion and experience

Your future plans can become reality!

We’ve worked hard to get where we are now. But it’s worth the effort: our experience has allowed us to offer our customers exceptional products, truly manufactured in Romania at competitive prices.

We produce high quality greenhouses designed resist to any type of meteorological condition in Romania. Solar Europe Solar Construct‘s greenhouses have a durable metallic structure and high-quality foil projected to last both in UV and infrared radiation.

The high-performance equipment we use allows us to perform a precise job that leads to a perfect combination of greenhouse components.

Our specialized staff can advise you on choosing the perfect product so that the investment you make is based on quality and lasting. For all projects, we provide a certain guarantee for the quality of the materials and installation services and of course, free installation consultancy.

Ask us for the price and you will be convinced. We invite you to consider, in comparison, both the value of the product and the quality and cost of the materials included.